Who holds the Quill?

I like to be called Danidee, but I’m too shy to introduce myself with a nickname and so, I stick with the formal identifier, Daniel (which coincidentally is what’s written on my birth certificate).

Truth be told, they are two separate people. Daniel is an easy-going, gentle (perhaps, sweet), thoughtful and quiet guy that enjoys the quietness of his room and the solitude of his thoughts. He reads to escape this world and writes to bridge the two. He’s a detailed planner and a perfectionist. He wishes he could be relegated to a lush garden at a mountain top at some obscure corner of the earth; to remain anonymous through out life. He considers himself handicapped when it comes to people and relationships, and lauds himself for his grasp of abstraction. Despite his shy nature, he loves to help people and constantly pushes past his comfort zone so as to reach out to others.

Danidee, on the other hand, likes to go out. Have dinners, go for parties, dance (not like he’s any good at it), meet new people, travel and engage his environment. He has no care whatsoever for what’s to come, only seeking to enjoy the moment. He likes playing kicking football, jogging and occasionally, long walks. Strangely, despite his sanguine nature, his noisy demeanor and fun seeking persona, he often hides how he truly feels about situations and stops himself short of developing real connections with people.

They fight a lot and constantly vie for my attention. I find myself playing mediator between them and it sucks! Hunger is, perhaps, the only thing they ever agree on and seem to get along whenever I cook. Afterwards, you can’t bear to have them both in the same room. But, this isn’t about them, back to describing myself…

Although I like to think that I’m quite philosophical in my perception of the world, I would instead, choose to describe myself as a photographer of thoughts and editor of reality. I love to learn, have a budding interest in photography and my only claim is that I can never get stranded in the kitchen.

Yes, I am a foodie in progress and a sojourner on earth. These scripts capture my experiences as I journey through life, the moments I struggle with not having any sense of self-worth, the times I seek the acceptance of others; validation for my life, the times I feel trapped in the sink-hole of depression, the conflict I often have with my own convictions —  when they simply become unconvincing, my quest for love, my romance with life’s many abstractions… What you’ll find here, was at every point at which it was written, believed to be true. Some more than others. There probably would be conflicting ideas at varying points of what you read overtime, as anyone who is honest with themselves would admit they’ve had too. I choose not to delete whatever I put up here except if I deem it inappropriate. So yes, stories with no endings and articles that you probably would term, ramblings with no apparent point would find their way here. Why? because, I’m no longer afraid to grow. I’m not scared to showcase the process of developing my craft; the process of becoming fully me. I am not perfect, but I choose to be awesome! Awesomely incomplete. Magnificently rebuilt.

I am an aspiring foodie, but you can simply call me the noodle King, for I seek to reinvent the ancient Mai-shayi art of noodles and eggs. I experiment with going out and interacting with my world, sometimes, far too much for my kind and lonesome heart to handle and other times, far too little that my comfy solitude begins to feel too crowded with myself.

I believe in the good of all mankind and to that end, I write,
For life, for love, for faith and beauty’s cause, I choose to fight,
I was anointed when I took a knee,
To rise and wield my quill,
I fight with but one creed:

Some need swords and guns to change the world,
Give me a pen and a pad and I’ll show you how it’s done!