Dear Honcho: V(the lady)

Dear Honcho,

I hope this meets you well. I am currently on my way back to Bangor from Brighton where I had a really pleasant weekend and some time off from my day job. I doubt if I got much rest from what seems to be my hectic work schedule, but, it was worth the time, trust me.

My adventures (or mis-adventures) at the Marina front of Brighton & Hove isn’t the subject of this letter… Well, I met a girl. I know, I know, I’m always going on and on about the girls I’ve met and this is no exception. The thing is, you know that phenomenon of expecting to meet someone at a public place and suddenly, any idle chatter you hear begins to sound like your name? How it brings to life that saying that the mind sees what it wants to see? It’s a bit like that. From Thursday night when I first met her, I had a fascination with her vocal texture and its tonal properties. Then, what started like a practical joke of teasing her that I liked her made me become more aware of the subtleties of her beauty.

Her voice, I told her, had the feel of warm semi-skimmed milk mixed with honey served in a frail cracked glass on a warm and musky evening. Its tone didn’t vibrate along the cord’s full length, it instead, seemed to resonate in her head cavity with a somewhat slight nasal tinge. Interestingly, it carried the echo of a resolute soul. Her soft-spoken cadence did, perhaps oddly, carry the weight of someone who couldn’t be easily swayed by the opinions of others. This, not out of arrogance, but out of the gentle tranquillity from simple convictions.

Meeting her reminded me to continually remain aware of my environment and act with commensurate conscious consideration of my (current and perhaps, desired) reality. That, relevance doesn’t imply conformity. That, humans are inherently kind and truth should be the adornment of one’s lips… always!

Well, that’s it. I just wanted to let you know.

Ciao bella!

I remain,

Yours with a quill.


Photo location: Brighton Pier

Muse: Lady V

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