Happy new year father!

I don’t even remember how old I was then, when I walked into your room. With my ever inquisitive mind and always playful hands, I found your chequebook. I did what I did best; leave my signature on it, on a couple of pages actually… You spoke no ill and didn’t raise your voice a notch, only collected it back and sent me off to go play somewhere else.

This is to the one who gave meaning to Fatherhood, before I could realise I lost one,
This is to the one who gave me a home, before I could realise that I needed one,
This is to the one who taught me family values, without having to say a word,
This is to the risk taker,
The enterprising adventure seeker,
This is to the one whom I’m named after,
A real life virtuous father.

The one who always asks me on every call, ‘yaya family?’
My life’s greatest privilege is belonging to your family.

Thank God for bringing us all into the new year. I celebrate my dad as I commence this newyear’s journey.

Yours with a quill.

Photo location: Bingham University, Karu, Nasarawa State, Nigeria (Final year thanksgiving day)

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