Honcho’s Diary: Long exposure

Dear Honcho,

I hope this meets you well. I am currently dealing with slight body aches from my waka-abouts this week. It was quite refreshing to go out, being that I’ve been stuck in locked-up loop of going to work, returning to watch YouTube, sleeping and hitting repeat. I think I may have over did it though.

On Monday, half-day at work, I left the house at about 18:00 and walked a 3-5 km square space (back and forth like a maniac) and returned by 23:00 in the cold! As you know, I had planned to carry out a long exposure photography project this week. Being the genius that I am, I didn’t carry any gloves and as expected, my fingers froze to the point of paralysis (not like I know what that’s like). With my salad fingers and aching right femur joint (oh yes, I walked about so much the guy started complaining), I was running through traffic like a maniac with a cheap death wish. A lady driving even stopped to ask if I was okay. She, perhaps, feared that I was planning to jump in front of a moving bus or something of the sort. I got a few decent shots in the end. I’ll send them to you soon.

On Tuesday morning, after I slept like a kid with hay fever and had my heater blasting through the night, I woke up early and went to take a long exposure sunrise photo of Bangor Pier. Guess what? I didn’t take my gloves again. I’m monumentally amazing! I know. After taking a handful of mediocre shots and more than enough terrible ones, I went to work with un-usable fingers until I warmed them in the oven. Honest!

Today, Saturday, I decided to take myself out and went to Aber falls, an absolutely brilliant and serene place with modest beauty (as is North Wales). A long walk when you don’t have a vehicle. Google maps didn’t tell me that! It and Trip advisor directed me to get on a bus like all would be all right after I get off. I got pretty good shots of the water falls and while I was looking for different angles, you guessed it, I tripped and soaked my shoes in the stream. My intervalometer was partly soaked as well, but kept working well afterwards. Thankfully, I didn’t bruise my baby, Nikky, (the camera of course). She’s safe.

This newly found hobby of mine is quite demanding and pretty darn expensive too. One thing is for sure, I’m not giving it up, not now, not ever!

Well, that’s it. I just thought I should let you know.

Ciao bella!

I remain,
Yours with a quill



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