Honcho’s Diary: Victorian Extravaganza

Dear Honcho,

I hope this meets you well. I am currently lazing about with my long weekend. This past week was quite uneventful. Nothing out of the ordinary except for my regular ole work routine.

The weekend, however, was different. First, after having dinner at an Indian restaurant to celebrate with my friends before they left town, on Thursday (it’s a weekend wanna-be day), I ran out on them to catch up with an old friend and watch the Manchester Derby game. A shame ManCity didn’t win. They drew. At least, they got a point!

Friday night, we watched a brave attempt of a scary movie called, Lights Out. It was a decent film, but didn’t have enough kicks to be called a horror film. At best, it was a thriller. It was a quiet hangout with my friends that were about leaving. You know, the dinner didn’t cut it.

Saturday, I went to Llandudno (pronounced Clan-dood-no) for their Victorian extravaganza. It was some vintage memorabilia showcase with parades of old steam machines and quaint Victorian dresses. The event was to last all weekend into the May 1st bank holiday (Sat-Mon). I wanted my solace on Sunday and was working a half-day shift on Monday, so Saturday was best. You should have seen the magnificent steam machines they had… Amazing! (Most of which is was clueless what they were or what they were designed for)  The highlight of my day was being very close to steam train and watching it move with olden elegance. That same night, we had a little party for my very same who, surprise, haven’t left yet! (One event wasn’t enough to send them off… or two for that matter) I ended up sleeping late and woke up by half nine for the first time in weeks!

Well, that’s it. I just thought I should let you know. I’ve attached some of the photos of the extravaganza. I hope you like them.

Ciao bella!

I remain,
Yours with a Quill!

Photo location: Steam train Llandudno train station, Wales.


More photos:

Ford Model T
Citroën Type C
Hey look! Minion!!!
Some kind of water pump I think
Apparently, they used smartphones in Victorian times
Victorian dressed family
I really don’t know what that guy was dressed as. Over ambitious pilot perhaps?
Steam train: full frontal. Look! A bird up top. It’s safe to say it didn’t pass its emissions test.
A steam machine I don’t know what for
More of them!
A steam carriage of some sort.
That machine has sure steamed up. Talk about venting! Sheesh!
This sky ride is wicked. You feel like you’re being thrown from the sky while enjoying the view.
Oh look! Another machine.
Citroën Type C dashboard. No GPS?!


Llandudno pier and coastal mass
Llandudno beach front
An olden tour bus perhaps?

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