Letters To Tomi

Letters To Tomi: Church is useless

My dearest Tomi, How have you been? It’s felt like aeons since we last communicated. I’ve missed you so dearly and especially our conversations. You can’t possibly imagine the mighty smile that splattered across my face when I received your mail. It seems your school is trying to wedge a ...
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Letters To Tomi: on teach-ability

So this is an article that was adapted from one of my earlier posts on this site: Teach-ability: mindset of royalty Dear Tomi, I hope you've been great. I've really missed your company. You have no idea how much I want to see you again. You mentioned your frustrations at ...
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Letters To Tomi: a note on love (part 1)

So this should have come before Letters To Tomi: A Note On Love 2. I didn't realize until recently. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! My dearest Tomi, I'm so glad you took to heart my lesson on teach-ability. I trust school is treating you well. Do feel free to ...
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Letters To Tomi: The Dilemma

Hey kings, sorry I've been away for a while - a long while. Here's one article I had published on Yadamag.com from part of the ongoing Letters To Tomi series. Feel free to share your thoughts on the series so far. I hope you enjoy it! My dearest Tomi, I ...
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Letters To Tomi: on the subject of sin

My dearest Tomi, I'm very delighted to hear that my last letter is beginning to help redefine your perspective on love. I trust that you've been good. I thought I should share some thoughts on what our evangelicals constantly harp about. Some preachers, it seems, over emphasise it, and others ...
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Letters To Tomi: a note on love 2

My dearest Tomi, I imagine you must have been anticipating this letter. I hope you didn't have to lose any sleep over it though, I trust you to take good care of your body. This is the only physical asset God has entrusted in your care which gives you license ...
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