Memoirs To Tracy: A state of confusion and the life-learning process

Havera chilli Tracy,

I hope you slept good and your week has been off to a great start. I just want to share with you the state I’ve been in lately.

There’s been a lot of randomness and confusion around me for quite sometime now. I’m not sure what it’s about, but I recognize that it has a lot to do with the transitionary period I’m in. I believe I’m not alone in this. It seems to be a dilemma and internal struggle from the stage of life we are in. I wish I had all the answers ,but alas, I don’t. I guess this is why scripture mentions that now we know in part.

The struggle, I believe also comes from a longing for direction. For now, more than ever, I’m poised with questions about career choices, business sense, financial independence, life goals, legacy building, relevance and yes, even spiritual growth. These questions (if I can even call them that) seem to push me to camp where I am in anticipation for ‘direction from heaven’, but life is not like that nor does heaven reward laxity. Oh how I wish I had all the answers, but sadly, again, I don’t.

As I’m constantly threatened to know what it is I’m suppose to do with my life or lose acceptance in this world, I’ve come to realize some simple Truths of living that I want to share with you:

1. Life does not move in a straight line, that’s an illusion of the mind. Our mandate is to move forward, come rain, hell or high water; come drought or stormy weather.
2. You never have all the answers, but you could have all the experience. Be committed to being relevant wherever you find yourself, that’s how Joseph became prince after he was thrown in jail.
3. Life is in seasons. Some seasons are for reigning And others are for serving, but all are governed by learning. Love the learning!
4. Life is a journey. You could speed too fast, step on the breaks too hard, negotiate a bend badly, heck, even have an accident, but whatever you do don’t park, don’t turn back. Keep moving forward!
5. Remember, knowledge is one. You never can tell how far what you learn today would take you tomorrow. Nothing is irrelevant.
6. Life is a personal race with different lanes. I have my lane, you have yours, we learn from each other, encourage each other, strengthen, sharpen and support each other, but we never compare ourselves with one another, only the unwise do that!
7. Serve those ahead of you, that’s the secret of being a leader; apprentice-ship. All be it, that’s how others would serve you (for what you sow, you reap).
8. Always leave a place in a way that you can return anytime, any day, even if you never plan on doing so. For a good name is to be cherished. Always leave good behind!
9. Be good to others. I recently went back to my alma mater to obtain reference letters for my graduate studies. It got me wondering, what if I was rude to my lecturers all the while I was there, how many of them would have been willing to sign it?
10. Destiny is a course that you do not know the requirements to fulfil it. You only pass it (arrive at it) by remaining committed to whatever challenges it poses.
Finally, be consistent in what you do, that’s how water conquers the rock.

I wish I could say more. But I think this would suffice. I too still have a lot to learn. The process isn’t always fun, but hey, when you’re shinning gold, I doubt you’ll remember the fire!

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