Memoirs To Tracy: Awards and Deeds

Havera chili Tracy,

It’s been a really long while since we last communicated. I cannot begin to tell you what has kept me away. I have decided that this would be a better way to keep you posted of my daily dealings. To recount my adventures would be monumentally overwhelming; to tell you of my wrestlings with lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Of how I’ve scaled stormy seas and crossed valleys with shadows of the reaper holding his sickle. Time wouldn’t permit me to tell it all of how I did none of the above. However,  I find these metaphors to be quite pertinent when discussing my recent inner-struggles. We shall have to make that the story of another day.

I had the privilege of attending a Secondary School’s graduation ceremony this weekend. I didn’t know anybody there, just in case you might be wondering, I was there for an exhibition and had to be a part of the occasion. I was quite impressed at the level of discipline with which they executed their event. Particularly, it was the presentation of awards that caught my attention and made me think.

The crowd cheered and erupted with applause as each successive awardee was called up stage, especially when students received multiple awards. I saw how people celebrated the students’ achievements. What was even more remarkable was that most of the students who were awarded the best students in their classes were all rounders. Meaning, they performed excellently in sports and other extra curricular activities. Then, the head of event charged the other students to involve themselves in social activities as well.

In the popularly called ‘parable of the talents’, you’ll notice that the guy with five talents was celebrated, and so also was the guy with the two talents. My question is, what was the last guy thinking? Yes, I know he had the effrontery to utter what he thought were reasons for doing nothing with his talent, but I mean, what was he thinking? I’ve often found that people with seemingly less demanding responsibilities are the ones who do nothing at all with it. Meanwhile, the ones you would think should break down because of (what we might think to be) too much on their plate are the ones who get up and get doing. Interesting!

Among the line-up of awardees, one in particular caught my attention. One female awardee from SS1 (if my memory serves me well). She was awarded best in these subjects: English, French, Literature and Visual Arts. I would like to say she’s probably a ‘one-talent’ kind of person. Or may a ‘two-talent’ type. For you can clearly see that she has linguistic intelligence and that’s what she dug out. I’ve also found that verbally intelligent people are often visual learners, that could explain her Visual Arts award (my observation though). I just find her fascinating! And yes, because I’m not a ‘five-talent’ kinda guy.

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