Memoirs To Tracy: Life is an accumulation of many focal points

Havera chili Tracy,

I hope you’re week has been off to a great start. Permit me to welcome you to this Super September. I pray it delivers results from the answers of August. As usual, I was thinking today and I realised a little more about life.

I discovered that our life’s map is a chart of several focal points; a series of multiple obsessions if I may.

Say, you’re required to wash plates in the morning, wash your clothes next, read a book, go out with friends in the evening, watch your favourite show telemundo when you return while taking a little snack and then pray before your sleep today, your day’s map would be a  chart of all these focal points. By the time we trace (no pun intended) your activities for today, we could say that this is how you spent your day.

Similarly in life, at the end of it, the sum total of our life is a chart of all the little focal points we’ve had the privilege of engaging in, daily, monthly and yearly. We move from the time we were fully dependent on our parents/guardians, to the time we were full time students in school, up till the time we discovered a new hobby and engaged in it, the relationships we kept, the people we met, the places we went and so on and so forth… I’m sure you get the picture.

You could also call it a compilation of our obsessions. An easy representation of that could be with movie series. Say, you start off liking Power Rangers or Hannah Montana, then you graduate to Avatar: The Last Air Bender or even iCarly. You feel you’re getting too old for these, then you move to the blockbuster series, Prison break or even Heroes, they finish and then you start with Game of thrones, and then enter your current obsession with Empire. A few years from now, if I were to sum your interests, it would be a compilation of all these series. Similarly, our interests often shift in activities and even taste, but at the end of it all, it is what charts our lives.

I would like to also add that our lives are sum totals of how good we handle each progressive stage of our lives.

Yours with a quill,

Daudu Daniel

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