Memoirs To Tracy: Yet another true story

Havera chilli Tracy,

I hope your work went well today. After returning from your leave, I’m assuming the workplace feels a bit new to you. You’re probably trying to resettle into the rhythm again. Anywais, All the best sweetie!

So, I went to work today — as usual. I finished early but had to make some runnings which made me come back home as I would have on a normal working day. Although, the rain did contribute to it. While the angels were pissing on us — and I wondered why they didn’t wait until the night to do so — something really interesting… No, remarkable… Astounding is a better way to put it I think, happened.

I was already at the estate gate when the torrents where rushing down ‘like a mighty wind’ and then, a Honda i-vtec came and pulled over in front of us. It was clearly a resident as she came from inside. She stepped out of her vehicle and came towards us, under the rain — it had reduced by this time. It seemed like she was looking for someone when she was calling out ‘Excuse me’ to the guy in a blue shirt standing just a few paces to my right. When he answered, she asked a most eye-turning question (for lack of a better adjective). She asked if he was the one she splashed water while she was driving in. Apparently, the guy had just joined us in front of the gate and was slightly drenched. He clearly came from inside the estate too.

By this time, I (and probably some others too) realised that she was the one in the Honda i-vtec that drove passed into the estate a few minutes ago. As it turns out, on her way in, she splashed this guy water. And then she turned back, drove to the gate to find the guy, stepped out of her car and stood under the rain to apologise — very sincerely I might add. This was those kind of moments that sends a chill down your spine. Someone had to shout out ‘madam, na your type Buhari dey find make minister’. This mystery woman just took my definitions of courteous, polite and humble to a whole new level! It was simply epic!

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