Merry Birthday Mum and Tomi

On this day, 25 years ago, someone was heavy, pregnant, about to have another come into the world. I don’t know if this was carefully orchestrated or simply random; left to nature’s course.

The baby to be born was one of incredible awesomeness. So brilliant he was that, God had to take a day extra to package him for the world. Yes, today is mum’s birthday. But, she had me a day later. I was the first of my kind; God’s gift to her on her birthday. Well, a day after.

Same thing happened 16 years ago. For us, it was mum’s birthday again. For my sister, it was the day she came into this world. Beauty unleashed, brilliance unveiled, amazing-ness came our way. My sister is the second of my kind. New and refined. Version 2.0. The ‘iPhone X’.

Always having a ‘discussion’

Yes, mum and younger sister, my little princess, are birthday mates, and me, a day later. Sounds wonderful yeah? Three parties rolled into one. Grooving non-stop. Owambe on point! That kind thing.

I wish! We often just compressed it into one cake. Or one day out. Not enough for this kind of wonder. Not enough!

Today, I celebrate the strength it took one amazing person to shake the hands of God in a partnership to birth my sister and I, into this world. A convener of all things beautiful — us! Thank you for your courage, your strength, your kindness, corrections and sacrifices. You’re an amazing mother.

See where I get my good looks from?

I celebrate the subtle spark, that is my younger sister. I celebrate your tantrums, your utter disregard for my hungry moments when I beg you to cook. I celebrate the times, you finished the masterpieces that are my noodles. I celebrate the time you made me breakfast in bed, on my birthday. You didn’t know this, but, I saw when you were in the kitchen and pretended to be asleep when you brought the food. I loved it! I still do. My first ever breakfast in bed! The ladies I’ve known haven’t had the mild courtesy to do that. Perhaps, I’ll send them to you for training. But, I fear you’ll end up teaching them to watch anime and not cook, instead.

Wait a minute!  You’re 16 today. Good God! You, once-upon-a-time Hanna-Montana-lover. I remember seeing you shortly after your umbilical cord was cut. You running to pick up your mango that fell in sand when you could walk. Thanks to mum for eating a lot of mango when she was pregnant with you. Legally, you should be able to start driving where you are now. But, you and I both know that’s not happening. University life is on your horizon now, wow! You’re flipping old girl! Sadly, I’m not with you this year, again. But, I’ll make it up. You’ll see.

I haven’t said this formally, but you inspire me. You’ve become the focus of my ambitions, the gear of my motivation and the fire of my imagination. Yes, you motivate me. I look at you and I’m held accountable to my dreams and my goals; if for no one else, for you alone. You read about 100 books in any decent year. I haven’t read that many in my lifetime! Such a big brother I am eh? You converted me to an anime lover. You’re the junkie! Did I tell you how much I loved your writing? You’re amazing!

Lest, I bore you two with too many words. I’ll rest my quill now. Thank you for being the two most important women in my lives. Yes mummy, Tomi is a woman now. I know right!

Merry birthday mum. Merry birthday Tomi. I join the heavens and the rest of the world to celebrate you both!

Yours with a Quill!

2 thoughts on “Merry Birthday Mum and Tomi

  1. Beautifully written.
    A simple, yet powerful blend of art and truth. A tribute, only fitting for two amazing women. If they’re responsible for the man you are now, I think they deserve a huge pat on the back.
    And did you say your sister’s only 16? Daniel, Your mum is so blessed…. you too, of course!

    I see where you got your looks from, but hey, like they say… no matter how similar the copy and the original look, the original will always remain undefeated (No offence D, you know it’s only love).

    Happy birthday to them both!

    1. You just had to be buns right? Why didn’t you just continue being nice to me? lol.
      Thank you, Sherryll. You’re super kind, as always.
      But, I’m the masculine version of this beauty, I did good for myself, won’t you say?

      By the way, I’ve decrypted the French encoded birthday message you sent me.

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