Not every affliction is from the enemy

You’ve probably heard it countless times, the infamous ‘fall down and die’ prayer. While we are not to be ignorant of the devices of the enemy, by knowing how to wage war (for if you know your enemy’s tactics, you’ll certainly be beter equipped in fighting him), we should not choose to be ignorant of God’s ways. For a greater risk is at stake here, who would you rather not know about, God or the enemy? Take your pick. There’s also a popular saying (gotten from scriptue); ‘my people perish for lack of knowledge’… In as much as knowledge is a broad term, I am convinced that that knowledge is about God. For if you truly care about someone and want to know about them, you certainly have to know about their enemies. So, you see that the ‘knowledge’ covers it all.

Remember, after Jesus’ ordination and the voice from heaven saying ‘this is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased’, Jesus was LED by the SPIRIT OF GOD into the wilderness. The wilderness experience characterises a period in ones life where things don’t really go ‘smoothly’, I mean, it’s a wilderness, how should it?

Sometimes, things don’t go as we plan, and situations don’t work themselves out as we expect, but be rest assured, that so long as God is involved in your life, these things are bound to happen, one way or another. I am also not trying to blame everything on God as some of us like to say: ‘it is the will of God’, because sometimes homie, it isn’t, it is our inability to appropriate the victory Christ granted us that causes our loss. I mean, if you don’t say ‘Yes to Jesus’, there’s no way in the world you can be born again, no matter the number of King James bible you stack beneath your pillow. So, how do we know the difference you may ask, well, I guess, that’s where discernment comes in.

However, one practical way to know is to inquire from God, when you go to Him in prayer, you ask, Father, why is this happening. But I dont hear from God you may say, that’s alright. I do have a question though, if you believe that Jesus saved you when you prayed that salvation prayer, how come now you doubt His direction. Because, if like me, you didn’t hear a voice from heaven saying, ‘stand up my son, I have accepted your prayer, you are now saved’, then hope isn’t lost, since the conviction of your salvation is in your spirit. Since you could receive the conviction of answer of something as very big and life changing as salvation in your spirit, I am convinced you wouldn’t have trouble receiving the conviction of answers and direction you need to know how to wage war. Only believe, for without faith, it is impossible to please God.

Another sure way to get direction is to ask your friends to pray along with you. Not pray for you, but pray with you (stop that laziness this instant!). Why? because solo isn’t kingdom! #Selah.

Finally, this exhortation wouldn’t be complete if I don’t cite the case of Job. It was a God-permitted-affliction. Jesus had that struggle and didn’t blame the devil for His arrest. Don’t be quick to blame the devil, if you’re gold, your must be tried!

Yours with a quill,

Daudu Daniel

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