Qualifying Men

Perhaps, the reason (a reason at the very least) men die earlier than women is because of decades of repressing the feeling to admit that a puppy is cute, that flowers are pretty, that the last break up hurt so bad… And so on…

There’s just something about societal masculinity that is built on a lot of denial. And, when you find males who acknowledge these ‘feelings’, they get qualified with every adjective imaginable: sensitive, in touch with his feminine side, girly, sissy and an outright fag.

It seems that in an attempt to avoid these labels, we’ve raised men who are monumentally dishonest about their affections and emotionally confused. Walking men with distraught hearts, trying desperately to prove their ‘masculinity’; A masculinity of denial. Passive aggressive minds and convoluted hearts. The kind that self expression is achieved by turning others into punching bags.

These qualifiers have not come before the woman. We’ve already accepted that she readily accepts and admits these things. How come we are yet to see that this is actually a human trait?

Can’t he also just be called a man/guy/boy without such qualifiers?

Yours with a quill

Photo location: Canning Place, Next to Merseyside Police Headquarters, Liverpool. [Sculpture (was made with ropes before cast in bronze) by Edward Cronshaw titled: The Great Escape]

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