There’s always someone…

There’s always that person who seems to get it better than the rest…

There’s always that person who asks the most questions in class. Question after question, badgering the teacher, hijacking the class and sometimes — maybe always — never making any sense.
I’ve always wondered, what is it that they know that we don’t know. How are they able to come up with these questions that leaves the rest of us clueless? Why do they always ask at the precise moment the lecturer is about to give us a break or when the class is about to end? Who trained them? Is this some art form? Is there an institute for this?

There’s always that person who seems to get the message more than the rest in church. The person with the loudest ‘um-hmm’s’ and ‘aha’s’. The person always screaming out ‘that’s right!’, ‘ride on!’ Punctuating the sermon from the pews with a very loud ‘Amen!’ Even when the pastor just said, ‘Jesus was a carpenter’, they respond, ‘talk to me pastor!’
About what? Carpentry? Or about Jesus? That part was a fact, not a revelational insight. What’s all the excitement about?

There’s always that gifted person who, just when the room gets quiet, just at the moment the speaker says something grossly not profound, they clap. Wait, what just happened? How did we all miss what the speaker said? What was the punchline?
These people are very talented I tell you. How else can one be genetically wired to accurately time the wrong moments to applaud… Over and over again!

There’s always that one person that gets the joke better than the rest. The person that laughs out loud the hardest. C’mon bruv, why are you slapping my shoulder? It wasn’t that funny. You’re hurting my feelings. Now look how you just showered sputum on her face.
Really? Really dude? You’ve got mayonnaise at the corner of your mouth and you just stepped on my toes jumping to the part of the story that was the least humorous.

There’s always that person who can’t help — for the beauty it brings and the laughter it breeds — but photograph these people for you to read.

Yours with a quill

Photo location: Llandudno pier, Wales.

P.S: No seagulls were harmed in the taking of this photo! 😉

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