There’s something within us…

There’s something within us that identifies with strength and courage. Something within us that admires and respects those who’ve stood firm in their mission. Something within us that knows we too have a mission and this something pushes us to submit and attach ourselves to those who are committed to theirs.

There’s something within us that, although not said in words, not articulated in thought, it knows that we have to learn strength from those who’ve stood, so that we can learn how to stand ourselves.

There’s something deep within us that identifies with great strides and calls out to that depth, for we too long to make ours.
There’s just something that attracts us to those who are like us; not the us that we see today, but the us that we would want to see birth tomorrow, and that something lures us to identify with those whose today are reflections of our tomorrow.

There’s just something about the way we’ve been wired that wants to connect with other wires; to build a network of common-unity (not uniformity); a community of like-missioned and like-minded achievers.

… and this my friends, is how lions congregate.

Yours with a quill,

Daudu Daniel.

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